This brand came to life as one with my newborn daughter. One month after giving birth to my second daughter I realised she had very sensitive skin. It was lockdown and my options were limited. Like all mothers I had to be resourceful. So I read and read until I made her a natural soap in my own home. I formulated my first soap and the beginning of a beautiful journey.

My deep passion for wellness and holistic living and my love of raw ingredients is growing everyday hand in hand with my children. Self-care rituals became a part of our everyday life. Our home transformed itself into a spa in no time. It became a retreat and a time to unwind, evaluate and connect with myself and awaken all senses. It was a way for me to be the best version of myself and I want to invite others to be awakened. Through the art of slow-beauty and home rituals I learnt to love myself as I embraced my imperfections.

My vision is for Alchemia to be a movement built on trust, transparency, beauty with no comprises and embrace our natural beauty. It can’t promise quick fixes or magic potions because change comes from within by changing mind-set. We want you to practice slow beauty rituals, patience and self-love, celebrate inner beauty while embracing your imperfections until you love yourself abundantly.

Truly yours,
— Alkistis Venetopoulou, Founder and CEO 


Alchemia is a movement that celebrates slow-beauty and the art of self-care rituals. Here is where you restart.

We talk a lot about self-care rituals around here. For those new here you may wonder “What are self-care rituals?

We define self-care rituals as the everyday routines in our life that are practiced with intention. What makes ritual special is that there is a meaning behind it- a sense of awareness and a reward of why you’re doing it. From drinking water, to showering, to a facial we invite to do it mindfully and set an intention.

Whether you are new, intermediate or advanced into your self care journey— there is a place for you here. No space for judgment, you are all welcome.Everyone can access the guidance, products, tools that will help better your relationship with your self and elevate you inside-out through the practices self-care rituals.


Our products are aiming to simplify things, products that have a purpose to do more with less. We aim to minimise our carbon footprint in both formulation and packaging. 

We have a long list of our no ingredients and our ingredients are an alchemy of ingredients selected to do exactly what's needed and no more.


Everyday clean, effective skincare made with purpose. Minimal Self-Care Rituals for all, serving you & the planet. Simplicity and rituals run in our DNA and we believe that buying better means buying less. Our design philosophy is minimalist, and it places an emphasis on recycling, clean ingredients, reducing production and packaging waste and a discreet branding aesthetic. 

Simplicity and empty spaces give rise to a great universality, managing to embrace the feelings and thoughts of anyone. Our products offer timeless, iconic, necessities that last long, are reusable while serving you and the environment.


For the safety of our community we make all our products in a carefully designed laboratory in Athens, Greece. Our lab is designed to meet hygiene standards and at the same time inspire us and resonate the brand philosophy; It is our sanctuary.


Sustainability to us means so many things. Our primary objective is to reduce waste at every level of production. Our materials are ethically sourced and manufactured. We believe excessive packaging creates unnecessary waste the consumers inherit. We seek to live a simpler life.


Giving back is in our DNA. Sustainably is applied in all shapes and forms in this brand. Giving to us is so important. Giving can be a smile, a compliment or something that’s handmade. A part of our production is always put to side and offered to homeless people with my daughters as a family ritual. We are always looking for ways in which we can give back to the community. If you have an idea how we can help the community please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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