I treat myself to moments of luxury.

Do you feel worthy of such luxury?

When you believe you are valuable you surround yourself with luxury comforts and pleasure beyond those needed for everyday living. Luxury is not materialism it doesn’t have to be an expensive car or opulent home it can simple by the sweet fragrance of flowers picked from a garden, a drop of scented oil in a warm bath, a piece of rich chocolate or the sound of beautiful music. These are life’s small luxuries that cost very little but mean so much.

Do you feel worthy of such luxury?                             

Luxury is our natural state and abundance our birth right. As Ayurvedic wisdom tells us every person is a piece of gold. Pure gold is your essence created from the love of the universe. Gold is as luminescent and cherished as are you. As such a treasure you deserve all the good the world has to offer with this is mind know that by elevating your view of your self you elevate the quality of your life your outer world will echo your thoughts, beliefs and intentions that you are a treasured being worthy of abundance. Practice living luxury today take sometime to do something for yourself that you consider luxurious. Take a bubble bath or a long walk, meet a good friend for tea or loose yourself in a favorite old film. Make this a habit the more you bring small luxuries into your life the more you will recognize yourself as a worthy spiritual being deserving of love and abundance. Today I treat myself to moments of luxury. We encourage you to rite down your thought and feeling in your notebook.

Copywright: Deepak Chopra

Ceramics: Marlies Huybs 

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