READING LIST : Jonathan Livingston Seagull

5 things that Jonathan the Gull taught me

1. To insist on your dreams.

Persistence in the dream, led the gull Jonathan to inner fullness. He never reconciled himself to the idea that the reason for learning to fly was simply to find food, as the other seagulls in the swarm urged him. Jonathan, the seagull, was flying for the joy of flying. And his dream had no limit. He did not measure it with the scales. He just felt it. And the higher power that guided him, never let him lose touch with his deepest being.

2. Listen to your heart. 

Even when, due to his persistence, he became a waste of the rest of the swarm, even when the collective way of thinking made him feel problematic, even then he did not give up. from the swarm, simply because he had put his dream above the  social imperative , at some point he was envied for what he had accomplished.

3. Do not hold a grudge, do not seek revenge.  

Jonathan returned to the flock. Not in a mood of revenge. But with the deepest desire, to show the way. To make the other seagulls understand - those who wanted it - that the point is not to fly for food. The point is to fly for the joy of flying. The point is to keep your dream and fight for it, indifferent to the directions given to you by gulls, who have learned to sit on the rocks, quarreling with each other over food.

4. We all have the good in us.

Jonathan, the seagull, never lost touch with the dream. He never lost touch with his emotion. He never lost touch with his true Being. We could all be potentially like Jonathan the seagull. It is enough to believe in the good that exists within us and to seek the truth, based on this.

5. Do not be influenced by others.

On the road there will be many gulls that will try to convince us of the opposite. That is, how the dream does not matter. How long it is enough to provide food and the rest do not count. And there are many of these gulls. The pressure they exert is huge. But no pressure can compare, with the deepest feeling, that I have lost my way. How I follow blindly and just do what they tell me.

For the record, this wonderful book by Richard Bach was rejected by 18 publishers before it was finally published. The book itself and the author are proof that our dreams are worth fighting for. How if we defend our diversity and rely on our instinct we will fly much farther and higher than we can ever dream.


"We can overcome ignorance, we can recognize ourselves as separate, intelligent and skillful beings. We can be free! We can learn to fly! "

"We choose our next world through what we learn in it. If you do not learn something, then the next one will be similar to this, with the same barriers and the same unbearable weights that you will have to overcome ".

"In order to fly with the speed of thought, that is, anywhere, you must start knowing that you have already arrived…".

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