Sharing is caring - Donate your clothes

For Alchemia sustainability & and our motto “less is more” is much more than just a conversation, it’s a mission.
On this Mother’s Day 08/05 we invite all mothers to join forces and look beyond their children and help us support children and families that are in need.
As a mother myself I know that there is so much that we can do without especially when our child has grown out of the clothes or their toys, so I personally invite all Athenian mothers to donate their old children clothes and books to the ones that really need them and will bring a smile on their faces.
Our studio will open its doors
📅 9/05 - 13/05 from 9am -6pm to collect all items and make sure everything is delivered to the right hands.
📍Alchemia Studio, Psychiko, Athens, Greece
to collect clothes and books (fair condition).
By joining our action you may
〰️ Support a child
〰️ Clean space, clean mind
〰️ Opportunity to tell your kids that sharing is caring
〰️ Avoid throwing it away in landfills
〰️ Help climate change by reducing production
“The less I needed, the better I felt.” - Charles Bukowski

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