Why is sleep so important?

Good sleep is a fundamental element for our wellbeing , productivity, creativity for daily top performance. Our levels of productivity are a result of a perfect balance between our morning and evening rituals. The last hour of our day is key.
Studies show that the blue light from our digital screens reduces melatonin. Melatonin is the chemical substance that notifies our mind and body if we need sleep. It is no doubt that our daily screen time interrupts the natural flow of our brain. This results to lack of quality sleep.
To go a little deeper the blue light from our screens activates the innate photosensitive ganglion cells that restrict the production of melatonin and negatively affects your circadian rhythm by adversely affecting your sleep.
The secret of good sleep is not only about the quantity of sleep but the quality and circumstances of your sleep. Recent science studies proves that our lemphic system decency not only extends to our trunk but also to our skull. This being said us humans have constructed in our evolution a powerful process that essentially cleanses the brain so that it can stay in excellent condition. This cleansing mechanism is only activated when we are asleep.
The HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is released in the pituitary gland of the brain abs it’s important for the health of the tissues in the body and the function of the metabolism and longevity. Elevated HGH levels improve mood, cognition, energy levels and tight mass mixing while reducing appetite by regulating leptin and glycine. Another way to release small doses of HGH is exercise but it significant to understand that 75% of HGH production occurs while we sleep.
It is important to understand that sleep imbalances can shorten your life whether it’s lack of sleep or excessive sleep (over 9 hours).
So where is the secret to maximise the process of proper brain cleansing and to produce HGH to develop creativity, productivity, vivacity and longevity?
You need five complete ninety minute sleep cycles each. To our wrap it up that means seven and a half hours of sleep each night.
Here you build your own sleep routine.

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