Zero Waste Living- Why using Bar soaps is better?

Overflowing waste is produced annually worldwide, contaminating the environment and worsening the current climate crisis we face. The amount of waste we generate has caused a negative impact on the world’s rivers, oceans, air quality, soil quality, and wildlife. The smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions.
Liquid soap requires five times more energy to produce and nearly 20 times more energy to package, and, we use about seven times more liquid soap than bar soap for each hand wash. In deciding which type of soap to buy, many people give more weight to carbon footprint and toxicity impacts than to land impacts. In a regular 30-second hand wash, people use on average 0.35g of bar soap — compared to 2.3g liquid soap. In other words, washing your hands takes more than 6 times more liquid soap than solid soap. Liquid soap has 10x the carbon footprint of bar soap. The first reason for that is the extra chemicals contained by liquid soap, which are relatively energy-intensive.solid soap is more eco-friendly. It won’t make a massive difference in your overall resource usage, but every bit can help.
By using our products you know that what you are using ingredients that serve you and are gentle to the planet and the eco system. 

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